In the story of The Script, Charles Whitfield is on a journey to finding his purpose in life as an artist. 

PART ONE begins at a swanky hotel bar in San Francisco, CA. Charles is interviewed by Veronica James, a popular podcaster and editor at TALi magazine, who flew in from L.A. to get the inside scoop on the highly anticipated movie sequel that fans have been clamoring for. Let's just say that the romantic comedy genre is not dead. And this, by the way, is not your typical interview. A night full of drinks, laughs, talks of Charles' upcoming book, and about his rediscovered passion for writing, relationships, movie sequels, and a compelling life story, in which we learn the true tales of this artist in the making. As the evening progresses, and when they both had too much to drink, Veronica insists that Charles crashes in her hotel room for the night and continue telling his story. When leaving out the following morning, he receives an anonymous text message that has him looking over his shoulder. 

PART TWO is the adventurous, funny, and intense finale of this semi-fictional story that surprisingly ends with a message. Charles’ journey is what defines that message, and for anyone who is trying to find their way in life. His drive to get the sequel made, and to finally come to a place where he feels that he's achieved what God has put in his heart to do is what he has longed for.